Welcome to my Website

Hello, my name is Masten Gregory, a male singer/songwriter from Nottingham. Much like my life, music is an emotional journey for me so the songs I write are about love, romance, sex, glamour, power, mystery, and beauty¬† and such things. Hard to pin down the style but I guess it’s vaguely eighties inspired indie guitar rock/pop


Looking for people to join and commit, not just feature as sessions musos. Must be friendly, emotionally intelligent, communicative, and able to work well with others.

Must be able to practice on a regular basis. I want it to be a collaborative effort so looking for creative people with musical ideas that we can explore and develop together. Looking to start gigging in Nottingham and beyond.

———– DEMO SONGS———–

Rise Up

Crying For Time

Forever In Love WIth You


The Gamble

Hiding in the Light


I want some kind of visual impact, whatever that might be but off the top of my head think ‘Madmen, James Bond, Ingrid Bergman, The Human League, The Killers, Paloma Faith, George Peppard, James Dean, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn, Bryan Ferry, Duran Duran, Franz Ferdinand, The Beatles etc.’ Love all these ‘cos they’ve got some style and impact.

Ultimately the aim is to create great musical theatre with a combination of style, substance and fun.

ANYWAY CALL ME: 07954 163212